Your gain through mental sports coaching

Are you a world champion in training and cannot call up your performance in competition? You have been training on a certain detail for a long time and you just don’t want it to work? Can’t call up your performance at the crucial stage in the competition? Your team constantly loses in away games? The team simply does not make it to the next higher class? You have suffered a training or game injury and are unable to achieve their performance despite complete recovery? Can’t get back to your old lap times after a racing accident? After a riding accident is there always some fear in the saddle?

If you encounter such or similar topics again and again, then a mental sports coaching can be the decisive step out of the low level of performance or training. Because in addition to the physical and technical training, the area of ​​mental training plays an essential role for every sportsperson, whether it is an amateur or a high-performance athlete.
Most national teams make use of the professional support provided by a mental coach to deliver top performance.

T he success always starts in the head.

Your benefit from mental sports coaching:

– exploitation of the performance potential
– Mental strength in achieving top performance
– Sharpened focus in competition
– Optimizing thought structures
– increase self-confidence
– Overcoming blockages after sports injuries
– New motivation
– Strengthen team spirit
– Solution of performance blocks
– More enjoyment of sport