Which makes it worse

Mental strength leads to an upward spiral, while mental weakness leads to a downward spiral. A mentally strong athlete will not perceive mistakes, problems and failures as intensely as he will perceive successes and successful actions. With a mentally weak athlete, however, it is exactly the opposite. He will perceive errors, problems and failures very intensely, but successes and successful actions less intensely.

What this creates is a downward spiral that you can only get out of if you are mentally strong enough. And that’s exactly where the cat bites its tail! This is also the reason why athletes who obviously have less talent or ability than you can perform better or at least equally well. I’m sure you know at least one athlete to whom this applies. The one athlete in the upward spiral, you in the downward spiral and thus the gap is widening. A dilemma that many athletes find themselves in, so you are definitely not alone.