about me

“It is not the circumstances that harm or strengthen us – but what we make of them.” Antonovski’s view is what led me to mental training.

I have been working in management & coaching for 20 years to turn you into a person with strong character and / or a competitive athlete: at home, at work, in training and, above all, in competition. So actually always when it comes down to showing performance and calling it up: every day!

I follow a clear, comprehensible program, which not only helps you to achieve your goals in the short term, but also brings you forward in the long term. In all areas of life.

The focus is on the following topics: character building, mental strength, resilience, perseverance, will and motivation. Furthermore, the right relaxation, concentration, focus and FLOW and of course the mental competition preparation and follow-up.

As I said, a competition does not always have to be the German or a world championship, it can also be a conversation with the partner, the boss, the board, a stage appearance or an important interview.

Don’t forget: characters don’t sparkle, they radiate maturity. They have rough edges, are not straight boards, but rather crooked wood.

Let’s work on it, I’m looking forward to you!